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Of the many different methods and techniques that people use as a DIY pregnancy test , bleach pregnancy test is one of the most reliable, at least as far as the homemade testing is concerned. People are usually amazed to find that the bleach which they come into contact with almost daily can be used to test a pregnancy and giving them no need to going to the doctor or the pharmacy. For many years now, the use of bleach to test pregnancy has grown in popularity because it is safe and at the same time very cheap considering that it is only a small quantity that a person will need to use.

During pregnancy a woman has a substance called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This is the substance that reacts with all the pregnancy testing methods. Even the doctor when taking the blood sample, they are actually looking for HCG. Bleach pregnancy test is one of the effective methods because it reacts well with this substance. The results that are given when using bleach are in almost all cases accurate.

A woman will be required to collect a sample of their urine in a cup. She will then need to add some bleach. When bleach and urine come into contact there are harmful gases that are emitted into the air. It is therefore very advisable that the bleach pregnancy test be conducted in the open or a properly ventilated area. If such gases are inhaled, there might be damage to the unborn if the woman is pregnant and the mother as well.

The reaction after adding the bleach will be that there will be white frothy substance formed at the top. The formation of this layer means that the woman is very much pregnant. If on the other hand there isn’t any froth, then she is not pregnant. The bleach will be reacting with the HCG in the urine to form the froth.


In terms of reliability, a woman can rest assured that the final answer that they need as far as they are pregnant or not lies with a scientifically tested and proven method like that used by the doctor or that which the pregnancy testing kit employs. The problem with this method is that no actual amount has been said to be the right one for the test. Depending on the amount of bleach or even urine sample that a person uses, there is the risk of getting wrong results.