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In olden times there must have been methods and ways employed to know if a woman was actually pregnant or not. Gone are the times when there weren’t doctors or one were presumed to only treat illnesses and not to test pregnancies. As times have passed, doctors were the ones with the mantle of helping women know whether a woman was pregnant or not. Many women were faced with the wonderment of whether they actually had to go to the doctor or just use the traditional ways of testing pregnancy. Innovation was made in the world of testing pregnancy and a pregnancy kit which can be sold over the counter was introduced to the world. This was presumed to be a homemade pregnancy test for women who didn’t wish to go to the doctor’s office for the same.

There are very many women who are not comfortable with going to a doctor’s office and having to undergo a pregnancy test. There is also a large group of women who feel that the doctor’s fee for pregnancy test is just too high. A majority of women however don’t feel comfortable or rather they are shy to ask for the pregnancy kits which are sold over the counter in most of the pharmacies. Many women have resulted into using some traditional pregnancy testing methods while other are using modern chemicals which if used in certain ways, they can positively indicate whether a woman is pregnant or not.

Methods used for homemade pregnancy test

Keep in mind people had different degree's of success with these methods.
  • One of the most popular ways to test whether a woman is pregnant or not is the dandelion method. This method requires that a woman cuts dandelion leaves and places them in a plastic container. It is important that when placing the leaves in the container or when transporting them to the container they don’t get in to contact with direct sunlight. She should then urinate in the container and ensure that all the leaves are completely soaked. After every 10 minutes, the leaves should be checked for reddish blisters. If the leaves turn reddish, then the woman is pregnant.
  • Bleach pregnancy test is the second method which many women use to determine whether they are pregnant or not. While bleach has been used for many years as a whitening product for clothes, a woman can actually use it as a homemade pregnancy test substance. All a woman is required to do is to put bleach in a container together with the urine. After mixing the two and noticing that there is some foam or some foamy substance forming, then this means that she is pregnant. It is very important that when mixing bleach with the urine that the woman be in the open. If inhaled, the fumes can cause damage to the pregnancy or even the woman’s health.
  • Pine sol pregnancy test is the other testing method that has been in use for many years. From the olden days, women have been using pine sol to test whether they are pregnant or not. Pine sol is made using needles, twigs, cones and other parts of the pine tree. The mixture is a strong anti bacteria agent. A person will be needed to mix pine sol and urine in a non porous container and wait for the results. If there will be any change of color from the natural color of pine sol then the woman is be pregnant.
  • Toothpaste is the other homemade pregnancy test that women popularly use. Given that every home has toothpaste and it gets used every other day, this is one of the easiest testing methods that a woman can use. All that one will be required to do is to put toothpaste in a container and then put urine in it. If the color turns to bluish, then there is a very high likelihood that the woman is pregnant.


The homemade pregnancy tests are indeed almost cost free at best and they do have a basis on the chemical reactions that take place when testing. When conducting the test, what is being sought to be detected is a compound called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). All of the substances used in detecting pregnancy try to pick out this compound.

A woman should always ensure that their safety comes first when conducting a homemade pregnancy test. Whereas the above tests are in almost all instances correct, it is important that a woman seeks the professional advice and testing from a qualified doctor or other medical practitioner. Even though all of the above methods are very cheap and at times free, a woman whose main reason for not seeking to use them should at least check with a local clinic for further confirmation and professional advice. However, it must be acknowledged that for most of the women who use this path of knowing whether they are pregnant or not, they are as surefooted to getting good results as when another uses a pregnancy testing kit.