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Pregnancies bring untold joy to some people while to other untold distress and confusion. It all depends on what ladder one stands when receiving the news. A girl who is in high school will surely feel down trodden and beat when she misses her menstrual cycle or if she starts feeling nausea and vomits in the morning hours. She should be so worried if she is sexually active. In order to know whether they are pregnant just as millions of women do all over the world, she should consider doing a quick check so know what action to take.

It is very simple to make your own pregnancy test because all one needs are what is actually in the house. One needn’t walk out of the house searching for a pregnancy kit or anything. When a person has used a homemade pregnancy testing kit, the only thing that will remain is to confirm with the doctor. Most of the time the tests made at home comes out as correct. Here are some of the most popular homemade pregnancy testing methods;

  • Dandelion leaves – these are leaves that have been in use for many years. A woman will need to pick these leaves and then placing them in a collection container. She should then place her urine sample in the container and make sure all the leaves have been covered. After about ten minutes, the results will either be red blisters on the leaves for a positively pregnant woman or just as the leaves were for a woman who is not pregnant.
  • Bleach – this is another way through which to make your own pregnancy test. Bleach will be needed to be put in a container and then fresh urine sample be added. If there is a fizzle and a frosty foam forms on the top, them the pregnant is very much pregnant while the lack of it means that isn’t.


  • Toothpaste – this is another popular method which people are using to test for pregnancy. It is actually very easy to make your own pregnancy test when using toothpaste. All a person will need to do is to put the milky white toothpaste in a container and then adding a sample of their urine which should be fresh. After some minutes, the color of the solution will have turned bluish in color if the woman is pregnant. It won’t turn to anything if the woman isn’t pregnant.