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A woman will know or guess when it is time to make that pregnancy test. For many years, women know they are pregnant way before the bulge comes to being and within hours of the first subtle signs showing. Some of the signs that show that a woman is pregnant include the tenderness of the breasts, the delay in menstrual cycle, morning sickness and so on. It is for this reason that many women find it necessary to learn on how to make a homemade pregnancy test. Even though the doctors will let a woman know whether they are pregnant or not, the homemade tests have been in use for centuries and it is hard to just sweep them under the carpet especially because they give accurate results mostly.

Below are some of the methods that a person can use when they want to learn in to how to make a homemade pregnancy test.

Using bleach is one of the popular ways by which a person can tell if they are pregnant. All a person will need to do is to put some bleach in a plastic container and then some urine in it. After mixing and giving the mixture some time to settle, some foamy substance will be seen at the top. If there is foam, then it means she is pregnant.

The other very popular method by which a person can determine whether they are pregnant or not is by using the dandelion leaves. A person is required to cut the leaves and put them in a plastic container. The woman will then be required to cover the leaves with piss. She should make sure that all the leaves are soaked. After waiting for about ten minutes, the result s will be seen. If the leaves have reddish blots then she is pregnant.


Toothpaste is one of the substances that are used every day and yet not very many people know that it one of the ways that one can know how to make a homemade pregnancy test. It is required to put some toothpaste in a container and then mix it with their piss in the container. If the toothpaste turns bluish, then there is a chance that she is pregnant. The results will vary from one woman to the next. Some women will need to wait longer for the results to manifest while others won’t wait as long.