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When pregnant, a woman has in her urine as well as her body system the (HCG). This substance will react with various substances and in most cases the color of the resulting mixture. Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste is one of the methods that have been used by many people over the years. It is an old wives tale that has come to be one of the most reliable ways of testing pregnancies among women. Whereas many women will hear of the method and they still have access to other method, curiosity can’t keep one from trying especially considering that it is a substance that everybody uses every day.

When conducting the homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste, what a woman will need to do is to put their urine is a collection container which happens to be plastic in material. They should then add some toothpaste in the container. The toothpaste used should be the white one and not any with any coloration. After some time, the color of the toothpaste will turn bluish if the woman is pregnant.

Some foam will also be formed if the woman will be pregnant. If on the other hand the solution remains white, then the woman is not pregnant. It should be noted that the time taken for the discoloration to take place as well as frothing reaction will differ from one woman to the next.

Like numerous other homemade pregnancy tests, a person is never sure the quantity of urine or even the toothpaste to use in the test. This makes it necessary to still walk across the street and buying the pregnancy testing kit from the pharmacy. In most cases however, the method proves to be correct.


There are several disadvantages that come with the usage of the homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste method however. One of the disadvantages being that a person doesn’t know the exact quantities to use for the testing. This may lead to having wrong results. The timing is also never specified. Whereas a reasonable time of about ten minutes would work, in most cases after the solution has been left for a longer time, foam will form. This will obviously cause some confusion. Given the fact that the solution might fail to turn bluish and froth but after a ‘reasonable’ time, it is advisable that a woman passes by the pharmacy and buys herself a pregnancy kit just to be sure.