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When a woman is suspecting that she is pregnant, she will do a pregnancy test. Many women will use a homemade pregnancy test while others will visit a hospital for the same. There are other women who will visit a pharmacy where they will buy a pregnancy testing kit. In all of these instances, it is important to ask oneself what really prompts one to go looking for a pregnancy testing method. Some of the reasons that will make a woman seek to know or confirm whether they are pregnant is if their regular menstrual cycle delays, if the breasts feels more tender, if they start having morning sickness and so on.

Among the many pregnancy testing options that are available today, there are those that have been around for centuries but amazingly they give the same results as the modern methods. Still there are those modern methods that are practiced in the house and whose materials for doing the test happen to be the basic household items. The important thing when it comes to establishing whether a woman is pregnant or not is to establish whether their urine has a compound called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). In all instances or methods of testing whether a woman is pregnant or not, it is the reaction between this compound in the urine and the testing substance that a person is essentially working on.

Popular homemade pregnancy test methods today one of the popular methods through which a woman can test whether they are pregnant or not is by using toothpaste. All a woman will need to do is put the toothpaste in a container and put their urine in it. They will be pregnant if the toothpaste turns bluish. The results will need to be given time to manifest themselves fully. The outcome will vary in terms of the deepness of the bluish color and also the time that it will take.

The other popular method that is used by numerous women is the one where a woman puts bleach in a container and then mixes the same with their urine. A little bit of stirring will be required for the reaction to be fully observed. Because of the corrosive nature of most of bleaching agents, it is critical that a woman conducts the test in the open so that they don’t inhale the fumes which can prove to be harmful to the child as well as her.


Dandelion leaves are also very popular when it comes to getting the perfect homemade pregnancy test. This method has been in use for centuries by some societies across the globe. What a woman is required to do is to cut some dandelion leaves and putting them in a plastic container. She should them urinate in the container and ensure that each and every leaf is soaked. The leaves should be checked every 10 or so minutes. If the leaves get some reddish blisters, then the woman is pregnant. It is important that when cutting the leaves that they are kept away from direct sunlight. The same should be the case when they are soaked to avoid getting the same reddish blisters yet it is the sun that made them.

Pine sol is a strong anti bacterial agent that has been used as a homemade pregnancy test for many years. It is used to clean non porous surfaces thereby leaving spotless with germs. This substance is made by combining needles, twigs and cones of various pine trees. In a plastic container, a woman is supposed to put the pine sol and then their urine. After some minutes, if the color has changed then she is pregnant.