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When looking for a way to determine if one is pregnant or not, it is always advisable to use the surest way. There are instances that going to the doctor could be out of question either because of cost, time or even distance involved. As for the pregnancy testing kits, the same may apply as is the case for the doctor and the woman might find herself simply not in a position to reach the shop.

In such circumstances that a woman wants to know their status but can't reach these facilities it is important to have known some ways of determining whether they are pregnant or not all by themselves. Here are some of the most popular and homemade pregnancy test that works.

Dandelion leaves - these are leaves that have been in use for centuries and whose results when it comes to giving accurate results in pregnancy testing never fail. A woman will need to cut dandelion leaves and while doing so and when transporting them to make sure that they don’t come into direct contact with the sunlight. Once the leaves have been cut, they are supposed to be put in a collection container. The woman is then to put a sample of her urine inside and to make sure that all the leaves are soaked. One is advised to keep on checking after 10 minutes. At the end of it if the leaves have reddish blisters, then she is pregnant. If nothing has changed, then she is not pregnant.

Pine sol
– this is one of the oldest of the homemade pregnancy test that works. The pine sol is made using twigs, needles and other parts that make up different types of pine trees. A woman will be required to put the oil in a collection container and then putting a sample of their urine in it. If the color of the solution changes then the lady is pregnant. If the solution remains the same then she is not pregnant.


Bleach – bleach is present in every other home. It is amazing that it can be used to perform such an important thing as testing a pregnancy and with accuracy. Some bleach will be put in a collection plastic container and then some urine sample added to it. If some foamy substance forms, then she is pregnant. If nothing happens then she is not pregnant. These are some of the homemade pregnancy test that works.

Please keep at that in mind that people had different level of success with the above mentioned methods.