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As a long time client of our site you should already know that we do everything in our power to provide the best possible service to our visitors.

Beside having the best content and more relevant information, all our hard work would be of no value unless our clients can find us on the Internet and can access our website fast and error free.

To achieve the above objective and in the past 3 years we have been lucky to use the service provided by Smart SEO Hosting. Probably one of the most well known brands in seo hosting (and most respected brand) they helped our website to rank the first page of Google.

That is achieved by their very clean IP network. We are sure that the IPs that we host our website on are not related to each other and none of our weblogs share IPs with their SMTP/Email servers.

Overall we are free happy with their service and as a token of appreciation we wrote this blog post to introduce them to any of our clients that may not have already known about their service.

Have a look for yourself and decide if that is something that might help you and your business too.