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If a woman is sexually active then time and again her heart would be skipping when she wonders if she is pregnant. There are various methods that a person can use to determine if they are pregnant or not. However, any girl must fist know the signs that indicate towards them being pregnant. Some of these signs include morning sickness like vomiting and feeling nauseated especially in the morning hours. The other characteristics include having tender breasts and a delay in the menstrual cycle among others. It is when a woman experiences all or some of these things that she should look for a way to determine if actually she is pregnant or not. The pine sol pregnancy test is one good example to use.

Among the homemade pregnancy testing options in the world, the pine sol method is among the best. Whereas there is no homemade method that can authoritatively state that a woman is pregnant or not because of lack of scientific quantifiable attributes, the pine sol method is one of the best methods to use. Basically, most women will as they have in the past use the pine sol pregnancy test at first and then at a later date visit a doctor to confirm that they are indeed pregnant.

The pine sol is a compound derived from parts of different pine trees. Some of the parts that are used in the making of this substance include the twigs, cones and needles. This product is very popular in homes because it cleans off grease and dirt from almost any surface. A woman will need to have pine sol in a container and then collect a sample of their using which has been freshly been collected which they will then pour it into where pine sol is. Careful observation is needed to note the changes that might come about because of the mixing.


There are several reservations that many people have about the pine sol pregnancy test. One of the downside is that like some other homemade pregnancy testing methods, pine sol doesn’t have a specific timeframe within which the results will have manifested themselves fully. The other issue is that there is not specific amount of urine that a person is required to put or even the pine sol liquid. Moreover, the coloration with regard to the reaction of this mixture is vague. There is no specific color which is supposed to be observed; just a change in color.